Long Arm Quilting Services

Our fees include:  Consultation, pattern loading and sizing, quilt top, batting & backing loading, thread, quilting and unloading. Payment Terms C.O.D. , cash, or e-transfer accepted.


Minimum Quilting fee:                                                            $50.00 

Edge-to-Edge Quilting:                                                  $3.50 / square foot 


We carry three types of batting on hand based on availability. Prices are also subject to change without notice.

6 oz. Polyester – 96″ wide

$ 6.00m

Polyester batting is lightweight, strong and durable. It does not shrink. It can really help you show off your piecing or stitching. It can be stitched up to 10″ apart.

It is somewhat loft, cuddly and warm. It is a great choice for utitlity quilts, gifted quilts or charity quilts. It can be washed and dried in warmer temperatures and is inexpensive.

Hobbs 80/20 Bleached – 108″ wide

$ 16.00 m

This Cotton/Poly blend is highly recommended for very light coloured quilts. This batting should be considered for its strength, durability, color, loft, finish and washability. Shrinkage of 3-5% will occur after washing. Stitch lines may be 4″ apart or closer.

Bamboo Cotton Blend- 96″ wide

$ 18.00 m

50% Cotton 50% Bamboo batting with scrim – needle punched. This natural, lightweight and breathable batting is perfect for machine and hand quilting. Shrinkage of 2-3% will occur after washing. It has a 1/16 loft and best quilted at 8-10″Bamboo is breathable , cooler and lighter


We offer three levels of binding. (Customer to supply adequate amount of fabric)

Level 1

.10 cents / running inch

For this level we can make the binding using 2- 1/2 inch straight grain cuts

Level 2

.15 cents / running inch

For this level we can make the binding using 2-1/2 straight grain cut and apply by machine to the front of the quilt.

Level 3

.25 cents / running inch

For this level we can make the binding using 2-1/2″ straight grain cuts, apply by machine to the front and hand sew at the back. Corners will be metered.

Quilt Sleeves:                                               

Sleeves: $20.00/hr.         (Customer to supply adequate amount of fabric.) 

We can create and install corner or tubular quilt sleeves.


Trimming: $20.00

Other Fees:    

Additional labor charges of $20.00/hr. will be applicable if quilt top, backing & batting are not properly prepared as per instructions provided.  See: How To Prepare Your Quilt

Any additional charges will be explained prior to quilting.

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Let us make your quilting easy. Basting done over the entire quilt top, in rows of 4-5″ allows the quilt top, backing and batting to be sandwiched together for easier hand or home machine quilting. The loose stitches allow for easy removal once the qullting is complete. Min. $30 fee or .01/square inch


Lap Quilt 48″ x 60″20 shirts
Multi Use Quilt60″ x 72″30 shirts
Twin60″ x 84″35 shirts
Full/Double84″ x 96″56 shirts
Queen96″ x 108″72 shirts
King108″ x 112″90 shirts
*some shirts have front and backs that can be used there fore number of shirts would be less

Traditional block styleTraditional block style with 2″ sashingMosiacMosiac with 2″ SashingUnequal Rows or columns Unequal rows or columns with 2 ” sashing
*additional charges for borders or any changes in backing fabric